10 Clever Package Designs

10 Clever Package Designs


The recent unveiling of Starbucks’ new logo brings conversation about branding to the mainstream. The new, simplified cup design eliminates the name and focuses solely on the iconic mermaid; once revealed, the design incited a blaze of comments across the blogosphere.

Although the container holding your latte is a different case (as you’ll see the design after you’ve committed to buying it), there’s no question that brand and design plays a big role in the products we encounter–and purchase–daily. Consider such iconic examples as Wonder Bread; is it any wonder the primary colored circles remained despite a brand redesign? These images are embedded in our subconscious.

Food packaging designs have the power to capture our attention, present a lifestyle, express a brand’s mission, steer us toward healthier choices and, ultimately, compel us to buy a product. In seeking clever packaging designs.


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