Become the Witness of Everyday Life Through Luca’s Orsi Atmospheric Photos

Become the Witness of Everyday Life Through Luca’s Orsi Atmospheric Photos


At the age of 18 I Luca Orsi received by his father who is a photographer, his very first camera. Ever since then Luca started studying the technique of photography technique by following his father on advertising sets and educating his eye to the continuous observation of what surrounded him as a possible object of photographic interest. During college using the reflex camera was Luca’s Orsi main way of self-expression.


“In the project moments, i’m feel free to catch what simply attract me.

I love represent situation and try to tell a story about people and places, i love go around the street waiting to the right moment to take a picture. Everyday life is always interesting in every small details, this is the purpose of the Moments project, be a witness of the present telling something about the extraordinary beauty of the everyday lives.”






“To me photographing is telling a story through the subjects of reality, creating impressions and fascination that generates questions from the people who look at my pictures. If a simple picture can generate questions in a person who then tries to know more about what he is looking at, this is simply great. This is the purpose of this project “Atmospheres”: trying to represent the empty urban scenes in a nocturnal mood. A mood made of contrast, rarefied lives, bright lights and gloomy shadows, quietness and tension. Everything takes on a mystical charm which is so colorful but also dark, and all seems magical and suspended as if time was frozen.”