If You Can’t Make Music, Make Art…

If You Can’t Make Music, Make Art…

Bazsó Lossonczy based in Hungary and works as a graphic designer and illustrator. Bazsó currently works with some music bands, where he designs for them posters, CD covers, making music animation videos and other artworks. Some of Bazsó’s main works are Zöld Pardon club (Art direction), Music band Konyha (LP Cover design and Animation music videos), Music band Szabó Balázs Bandája (LP Cover design), Music band Z.U.P. (LP Cover design), Music band Brains (LP Cover design), Music band Random Trip (LP Cover design).

Meanwhile more Bazsó Lossonczy is makeing his own artworks – illustrations, paintings, comics, and many other things.

Bazsó Lossonczy speaking about his work to graphic art news says, “Since I can’t make music so I’m making art instead of silence. I tell my storys on pictures”.

Enjoy some of Bazsó Lossonczy’s work below or visit her website @ https://www.behance.net/bazsolossonczy

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