30 finalist Posters about Positive Design 2010

30 finalist Posters about Positive Design 2010


Positive Posters was founded in 2009 by graphic designer Nick Hallam. An non-profit international poster competition run by a group of volunteers based in Melbourne, Australia.

The competition is held annually between July and October. Designers have two months to create and submit a positive design that responds to the theme of that year. An exhibition is held of the top 30 posters, and the winner chosen by a group of international judges (Michel Bouvet, Rico Lins, Dean Poole, David Pidgeon, Bobby Solomon, Michaela Webb). We then print 4000 copies of the winning poster and paste it all over the streets of Melbourne, Australia. And send a few off around the world too!

Be prepared for the announcement of the competition of 2011.!

We show you here the finalists of 2010.


It’s a beautiful day.
Designer: Carlo Mussett, Australia


It’s a matter of perspective
Designer: Hailey McKenzie, Australia

The Modern Model For Optimism
Designer: Terry Chisholm, New Zealand

The Best Days Are Yet To Come
Designer: Mike Witcombe, Australia


Turn that frown upside down!
Designer: Jesse Mallon, Australia


Yes, it works!
Designer: Wolfgang Steinbauer, Austria


In the middle of difficult times lies opportunity.
Designer: Peter Borg, Australia


Dream or Reality
Designer: Sam Ziino, Australia


Object of Optimism
Designer: Nicholas Cary, Australia

Designer: Jeremy Arnold, Australia


Get Lucky
Designer: Quentin Brown, Australia


Life is Good
Designer: Peter Fong, Australia


Screw Negative Thinking
Designer: Tom Shanahan, Australia


Alter. Switch. Change.
Designer: Gus Beeforth, Australia


3 Good Things
Designer: Micah Scott, Australia


‘See the world through rose-coloured glasses’
Designer: Amelia Ericksen, Australia


Designer: Hilary Sloane, Australia


Think Twice
Designer: China Stylus, Hong Kong


The Pianist
Designer: Sally Dupleix, Australia

A rule of thumb
Designer: Tim Swainson, Thailand


Life in Pink
Designer: tuan tuan, hong kong


Designer: Ron Whitfield, Australia


Still Smiling
Designer: Damon Armstrong-Porter, Australia


Someday You Will Eventually Fly
Designer: Mike Nguyen, Australia


Aim High
Designer: Cecilie Larssen Lønning, Norway

Anything is possible
Designer: Ipek Turk, Australia


Designer: Kayla Turner, USA

Make mine half full.
Designer: James Smart, United Kingdom


Think Positive
Designer: Woo Jin Lee, South Korea


Magpie magpie
Designer: Rich Smith, England