7 T-shirt designers | 37 T-shirt designs

7 T-shirt designers | 37 T-shirt designs


Are you looking for tee shirt inspiration? Do you need to design an extreme t-shirt, a happy, a dynamic, a geometric, a full color or a black and white one? Those t-shirt designers with amazing portfolios will definitely inspire you. Enjoy them.

Matt Lyon


Kneil Melicano


Flying mouse aka Chow Hon Lam


Ed Picombe


Aj Dimarucot



Justin White


Herman Lee

  • km

    can i ask what apps can design shirtss like yours? i really need it

    • GRaphicART

      Hi km, there are no apps to make these designs. Just your imagination, and some tools like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop… Hope that helps.

  • km

    hi,can u help me to design some pattern at my class tee?