70 Years of Greek Animation | Book Release

70 Years of Greek Animation | Book Release

The Greek Association of Animation ASIFA Hellas in cooperation with the web portal Greekanimation.com announces the release to the general public of the album 70 Years of Greek Animation. This is a bilingual reference work (Greek-English) which summarizes in 220 pages and 750 photographs, with texts and testimonies by creators and producers, the history of Greek animation of the achievements and the errors of seven decades of activity.

Τhe reader can browse the cartoon creators projects per decade through a text by director-researcher Angelos Rouvas, which focuses on authors and festivals and publishing activities of every decade. It may also consider cases creativity and entrepreneurship in animation through texts and interviews of the protagonists, who have experienced events and situations trying to produce animations in Greece. With their texts contribute Angelos Rouvas, Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos, Eleni Mouri-Spyros Siakas, Aristarchοs Papadaniel-Sophia Mandouvalou. Interviews by Iordanis Ananiadis (to Vassilis Evdokias) Alekos Papadatos (to Aristarchos Papadaniel), Nick Vergitsis and George Nikoloulias (to Angelos Rouvas), Panagiotis Rappas (to Aristarchos Papadaniel). A time-table with records and firsts separates the historical text of the case studies and the catalogue ends with the reminder of the retrospective exhibition and the artists and partners who participated in the Action 70 Years of Creating Greek Animation (1945-2015).


1945 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

1945. Duce Narrates

1998 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

1998. Pandora & Plato, the Strawberry Birds

2007 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2007. The Little Mouse who Wanted to Touch a Star

2008 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2008. Mariza

2009 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2009. A Letter – A Story

2010 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2010. Ouk An Lavois Para Tou Mi Echontos (Don’t Pay the Ferryman)

2013 - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2013. From the Earth to the Moon

2014. Dinner For Few - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2014. Dinner For Few

2014. My Stuffed Granny. - 70 Years of Greek Animation

2014. My Stuffed Granny


The catalogue is the result of 70 Years of Greek Animation (1945-2015), which was designed and implemented by ASIFA Hellas in cooperation with the online portal Greekanimation.com with the support of the professional organizations of the audiovisual sector, cultural institutions and cartoon festivals in Greece and a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Full report on the players and their partners of Action is at the last page of the album.

The project already distributed by the following bookstores / chains: Ianos, Public, Politeia, Protoporia, Evripidis, Patakis, Books Plus, Addart, Solaris, Comicon, ComicStrip, Epi Lexi, Pleiades, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation Bookshop, Benaki Museum (Pireos) Shop, The City of Athens Technopolis Shop.
The central distribution of the album in Greece made by Achilles Simos (at Athens).

For Online Orders: http://www.public.gr

ISBN: 978-618-82827-0-4