80+1 Typographic Posters That I Love

80+1 Typographic Posters That I Love


Typographic Posters are what intrigues me most in the field of graphic design. It is amazing how letters can become objects of art, be part of a design, make that “boom” to the final outcome! And here I am searching online, stumbling upon the typographicposters.com. What fantastic collection of posters! Fascinated! So, here is a collection of those I fall in love! Some of them you may have seen in the past, some are brand new, but all of them are creative, contemporary, wonderful works of art! You may of course visit the website for more more more inspiration!


Frauflunger Herrschilling


Kiko Farkas



Matthieu Salvaggio



Sven Neitzel





Kambiz Shafei



Aleksandra Niepsuj



Sergio Liuzzi



João Costa







Nathalia Cury






London College of Communication 2011












Vhan Kim



Empty Spaces


Steve Kelly



Shane Bzdok






Nate Williams


Erik Brandt



Tiago Marcondes


Atelier Martino & Jaña



Atelier D’alves



and Atelier


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  1. Felix Felix polanski

    Is it a typographic poster if it’s centered around an image? Like a hand drawn filligree cassette tape or a giant monkey playing upright bass?

    • GRaphicART

      Yes of course. Because what differentiates it is the use of typography. The way designer used it, the amount of text the poster keeps comparing to the design… (Large or small font). Otherwise, it would be just a beautiful illustration. Makes sense?

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