A Silent Walk on… the Work of Fançois Bard

A Silent Walk on… the Work of Fançois Bard


Fançois Bard is a great, awarded, painter and illustrator based in France. He struggles with life and human challenge. He conveys humanity at his art with a remarkable aesthetic, bringing deep feelings to the viewer. Making him to wonder…  Sometimes he escapes and paints dogs, nature, buildings, but is it only my feeling that those images still welling emotions for humanity or not?

Gilles Trillard described Fançois Bard as a marathon runner :

For the creative act is the look that you wear on the work of an artist. There is no emotion without personal involvement.
Bard is a marathon runner, he does not run for performance, but because he would rather run than surrender just one point to another, questioning its resolution, nature has endowed with giant legs , probably without his knowledge. He learns every day to use it. Do not enjoy this advantage it would seem likely unworthy. Doubt is its engine, breathing intelligence, lucidity his Achilles Heel. But he was able to negotiate a deal with his demons, and he gives them in his pasture poachers, its preachers and other marginal for which it has a certain tenderness. That tough love, and is endowed with consciousness expresses this consciousness.