A wonderful illustration for a sweet hero! | Free ebook for your children

A wonderful illustration for a sweet hero! | Free ebook for your children

Italian Designer and teacher Mario Malagrino, designed this entire digital childrenbook named “Toby, the little star dog”  in order to share it free to all the childern of the world.
The book is a interesting mix of 3D generated computer graphic and the post-production through photoshop. After deciding the quantity of pages, the layout and storyboard, Mario starts to design the different elements of the story board, such as characters and the environment, using the software 3D Studio Max. The main elements are been rendered in separated groups to allow him to place them in photoshop as different layers. Each image went trough a post-production using the mixer brushes and standard brushes in photoshop. This combination gives to the illustrations depth but at the same time they seem to be sketched and painted.

Please enjoy the illustrations and download to read the book from here.
The book shows to children the importance of trusting in their own creativity, in friendship, and to get a feeling about discovering the world and searching for great new adventures.
Toby is a little star dog which is living in the space and who is observing and watching the stars arround him. One day he finds something that changed his life. It is the beginning of a wonderful adventure. 

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Mario Malagrino is an italian Designer and teacher at the Florence Design Academy (www.florencedesignacademy.com), one of the best design schools in Europe.
He is active in many fields such as Graphic Design, 3D Graphics for games, Typography, Automotive Design, Children Book Illustrations, traditional Oil Paint , photography and many other fields related to design and art. He is very well known in the web for his High quality tutorials in the field of CG and 3D Graphic.


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