A World of Questions: 120 Posters on the Human Condition

A World of Questions: 120 Posters on the Human Condition

A conscience eye in the service of humankind.

The power of an engaged visual voice against apathy, denial and social injustice.

Three years in the making, Mzingeli is proud to announce the publication of A World of Questions: 120 Posters on the Human Condition by Chaz Maviyane-Davies.
A large thought provoking, conceptual book, that urges us to question things we might take for granted. Through the use of original imagery, each poster urges us to confront aspects of our entity, engaging us in the conversations of our time.
Subjects within the book include: the environment, corruption, assassination, climate change, consumerism, dissent, disability, the death penalty, education, the economy, ecocide, endangered species, energy, equality, fast food, fossil fuels, gender, guns, genocide, human rights, health, technology, labor, culture, nuclear disarmament, philosophy, peace, pollution, privacy, population, racism, religion, recycling, social media, values, vanishing resources, water, waste and war amongst many others.

Riveting, heartbreaking, challenging, in your face and poetic.
This collection is an utter tour de force.
Debbie Millman, designer, author and educator, USA

Stunning images, deep insights and piercing messages are
captured so beautifully that they bring the kind of uplifting
that we need in our quest for a better world.
Anwar Fazal, International consumer activist and recipient of the
right livelihood award, popularly known as the ‘alternative nobel
prize’, Malaysia

A World of Questions - Cover

Once again Chaz reframes the issues of our time through
his enlightened means of challenging expression…
he reminds us that to be bold and emphatic is noble.
Rick Valicenti, Recipient of the smithsonian, cooper-hewitt national
design award, USA

A catalogue of heartfelt graphic provocation from a
master of versatile visual thinking.
Rick Poynor, Design writer, UK

A series of astonishing posters nearly unprecedented in the
history of social design and extraordinary in their content,
scope and creativity.
Felix Beltran, Graphic designer and educator, Cuba/Mexico

The hardcover book is now available exclusively online at www.mzingeli.co

Check out a preview here:

A World of Questions from Chaz Maviyane-Davies on Vimeo.

Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Chaz Maviyane-Davies has been described by the UK’s Design magazine as “the guerrilla of graphic design”. For more than three decades the award-winning, internationally renowned designer’s powerful work has taken on issues of consumerism, health, politics, social responsibility, the environment and human rights. As well as being published in numerous books, international magazines and newspapers, his work has been exhibited extensively and is included in several permanent collections at various galleries.He is currently a Professor of Design at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.
For more information or to contact him visit his website www.maviyane.com