Allow Real Notifications poster designed by Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Allow Real Notifications poster designed by Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Allow Real Notifications is a poster designed by Chaz Maviyane-Davies to confront an interface-savvy generation through their own curiosity and behaviour, to hopefully consider and act on some of society’s toughest problems.

In today’s world, the truth is losing. It seems that modern homo-sapiens have recently evolved to navigate their lives mostly through their smartphones. Notifications and alerts trigger our waking moments like Pavlov’s bell, all too often forcing us not to focus on the real world around us, while endlessly distracting us to connect and adhere to a world that wants us to disconnect.

The current social and ecological malaise encountered around the world could be the start of a solution fueled by healthy, interdisciplinary dialogue, if we can try to captivate some of the disconnected and apathetic to think beyond the hypnotic glare of their palm devices.

By using the visual currency conjured up through the ubiquity of mobile devices, a chance exists to engage users to reflect on other things by using familiarity to provoke further positive debate.

Chaz Maviyane-Davies also sees the Allow Real Notifications poster as a large mirror that stares us down to inform us of what we are becoming through our participation in habit-forming, data-driven manipulation.
Imagining this poster hung up in classrooms, offices, workshops, community spaces, kids’ rooms etc., is one way to otherwise bring attention to our present global plight, while paradoxically speaking to our dependence on our devices that perpetuate psychic numbing and lure us from the truth.

If you would like a high-resolution PDF file that you can print up and use or share, contact Chaz Maviyane-Davies: [email protected]. Please specify whether 11”x17” or A3.


Allow Real Notifications poster designed by Chaz Maviyane-Davies