Amateur or Professional Photograph work of art?

Amateur or Professional Photograph work of art?


Tomasz Kosmala is an amateur 25 years old photographer from Poland based in Bonn (Germany). He is doing PhD studies in physics and photography is his passion.
He comments about his passion:

“I’m trying to achieve a perfection, which probably I will never reach, because I learned that you can always make something better, you just need to see that and want it, striving for perfection gives us purpose in life”

I believe he manages to convey really impressive art through his photography. The images are stunning. Portraits of men in desperation or disappointment that the viewer can feel it through the rusted colors, the lights, but mostly through the set of scenery.


His work named “Lines” is really impressive, well balanced in a beautiful performance. Tomasz Kosmala  is a promising photographer.