Amazing Greek Series Illustrations


Colorful, amazing illustrations by Greek designer Dimitra Tzanos. Dimitra’s work is clean, simple but powerful and very attractive. Born in Johannesburg, of Greek origin she is been inspired by both sides which you can see very clear in her vivid illustations. She collaborates with clients and creatives globally and is always looking for new ways to explore and share creative experiences. Enjoy her Greek amazing series.


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Graphic designer, art director, blogger, photographer lover, art lover, etc... Owner of Co-founder of the International Reggae Poster Contest, Art Director at on cover design and coffee table books. Curator and art-rep of Freestylee (Michael Thomspson). I adore minimal design as much as vibrant and bold. The ultimate desire is to constantly inspire people and expand their work all over the world, part of our plan of CatalystIdeas©.