The Amazing Pale Horse

The Amazing Pale Horse

Bent on illustrating a colorful world, filled with mythology, ancient civilizations, alchemy, pro wrestling, heavy metal, altered states & mystical creatures, Pale Horse is constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of his work, blurring the lines between digital illustration and fine art. Pale Horse website:

Pale - Horse - Rebirth Pale - Horse - Rebirth-2 Pale - Horse - Southern Darkness-1 Pale - Horse - Southern Darkness-2

Pale - Horse - Moonshine Bandits-1 Pale - Horse - Moonshine Bandits-2 Pale - Horse - Moonshine Bandits-3


How to Illustrate a Custom Mandala!

Pale - Horse - Illustrate a Custom Mandala-1 Pale - Horse - Illustrate a Custom Mandala-2 Pale - Horse - Illustrate a Custom Mandala-3 Pale - Horse - Illustrate a Custom Mandala-4
Check out the process here: Illustrate-a-Custom-Mandala-SkillShare-Class