Anant Kulkarni Illustrator

Anant Kulkarni Illustrator

Anant Kulkarni is an Illustrator and graphic designer from Mumbai, India with an over 25 years of experience in the field of visual arts, design and illustration.

Anant was interested in art at a very early age and with the guidance of his teacher and with a lot of practice, he was able to work on improving his illustration and drawing skills.
His work took him to various locations and observing different housing structures and streets got him interested in the subject of architecture. However, unable to secure admission to study architecture, he finally chose to join the prestigious ‘Sir J.J. Institute Of Applied Arts, Mumbai’. Over four years of studying art, his gradual interest in creation of visual and pictorial forms and designs, developed. Anant chose to work on his illustration skills as he was keen on the subject of Visual Communications.

A short stint in Advertising agencies, after his graduation made him realise that it was not his calling and started working as a Freelance Illustrator and Designer for many publishers and publications.

Eventually, Anant was offered a role of Professor at J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai. There, he had the opportunity to work with graduates as well as the post-graduate students of Fine Art, to guide them and share his views on art. An examiner, paper setter, and several seminars to his name, he contributed to the best of the students making it through.

It was also during his tenure as a professor that he had a chance to work on a myriad of designing projects and assignments, and to set a new system of visual forms. An unending project, but with the help of visual forms, Anant aims to introduce their application in the proper media.

As an artist I feel it’s a responsibility to reach out to the audience through art, to convey an idea or a message. The challenge is to be creative and engaging. This has been my journey – inspiring, involving, selecting, teaching, working, designing, challenging!

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