Photographer Andrew Zuckerman | Inspirational Portfolio [49]

Photographer Andrew Zuckerman | Inspirational Portfolio [49]

Noted filmmaker and photographer, Andrew Zuckerman (American, b.1977), utilizes a multitude of platforms to produce work that is systematically executed, conceptually based, and democratically presented. Minimalist in nature, Zuckerman aims to create atmospheres of clarity and neutrality to facilitate the viewer’s access to the material. His commitment to diversifying the points of entry into his work has garnered a global audience.

Below is only a small collection of his amazing project named : BIRD (2009)

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Zuckerman studied at the International Center of Photography before going on to receive his BFA from the School of Visual Arts. He first made his mark on the publishing world with the 2007 release of CREATURE, a compendium of intimate animal portraits set against Zuckerman’s signature white background. He has since explored this distinctive approach – which divorces subjects from their context and equalizes the larger conversation between them – in three additional critically acclaimed multi-media projects: WISDOM (2008), BIRD (2009), and MUSIC (2010). Renowned designer, Massimo Vignelli, has lauded Zuckerman’s “uncompromising notion of space in which any object becomes its own essence.” His books have been translated into numerous languages and published in 18 international editions.

WISDOM (2008)

Exhibitions of Zuckerman’s work include a solo show of photographs from CREATURE at the Forma International Center of Photography in Milan and the ongoing WISDOM traveling exhibition, featuring portraits and interviews with extraordinary individuals over the age of 65, including Nelson Mandela, Andrew Wyeth, and Chuck Close. It premiered at the State Library of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. In July 2008, Zuckerman’s portrait of Nelson Mandela appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Zuckerman’s companion film to BIRD has been exhibited on The High Line in New York City in 2009, and at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 2010. Photographs from BIRD were on display at Colette in Paris. His short film, “High Falls,” premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and was selected as Best Short Film at the Woodstock Film Festival the same year. Writer David Carr called the project “a pretty film and a pretty smart film” in his New York Times review. Most recently, Zuckerman interviewed and photographed over fifty eminent musicians, composers, and producers (from Ornette Coleman to Iggy Pop) for the MUSIC project, which was realized as a book, film, and iPad app.

Zuckerman’s work has been commissioned by influential international brands and for inclusion in major private collections. Brand work has most recently included an ongoing collaboration with Apple. He lives with his family in New York City.


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How would you imagine the energy power of milk, or egg? How would a flower explode? Maybe Zuckerman was wondering also, when he actually took those energetic photographs below.


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