Another Side of Greece | A Fantastic Photographic Testimony by Anna Pantelia

Another Side of Greece | A Fantastic Photographic Testimony by Anna Pantelia


Anna Pantelia was born in 1991 in Athens, Greece. She is studying at the Faculty of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of Technological Educational Institute of Athens and she has also attended classes in Germany at Hochschule der Medien. Her main photography work is directed to photojournalism and it is focused in immigrant minorities’ and financial crisis’ issues. She is currently doing her internship as photojournalist at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

Her website ( is not only an art photography inspiration but also a photographic testimony and a great source of knowledge around the social issues that she is working on.

Here you can read about the Dark Side of Greece, The Arabic School in Athens and the region called New Life (Nea Zoi in Greek) established by 500 Roma refugees arrived in Greece in 1940 after the Second World War. Text and photos are copyrighted and exclusively belong to Anna Pantelia.


The Dark Side of Greece

This is a fantastic project still in progress. You can really feel this misty mood that crisis has brought in the country, the immigrants and Greek people.


The Arabic School of Athens

The Arabic School of Athens was founded in 1981 in Neo Pschihiko, Athens. Through agreements between Greece and Libya because of the Libyan immigrants who live in Greece. This is a public school which is financially supported by the Greek State. Teachers and students originate mainly from Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Libya and they are immigrants who live years in Greece. Earlier, Greek language is taught but not anymore.
Before the economic crisis in Greece the number of students was more than double the current number. With their certificate and attending some Greek courses the students from Arabic school are able to participate on Greek higher education.
It is noteworthy that before the death of Gaddafi, when school was private, Libyan students were not obliged to pay tuition unlike other students. The school was also providing school-bus but just for Libyan students. The modern history of the Arab Spring has begun to be taught after Gaddafi’s death.


Nea Zoi (New Life)

In 1940 about 500 Roma have sough refuge after the great persecution during the IIWW. Their story is a story of persecution. Nea Zoi (New Life) is located 20km from Athens. Passing from Nato avenue, nothing betrays the existence of Roma’s settlement. Some months before, the Mayor of the region gave order to destroy their settlements. Today, Roma are living without water and electricity. Some of them are working as street vendors or garbage collectors. However, the lack of education, the poor living conditions and the illegal acts, children are not attending school and most of the times they get pregnant very young (around 15 years old) and they get married. Unfortunately, because of poor sanitary conditions, lack of medicines and heating, the mortality of children is high. Many of them who survive, often face serious health problems and disabilities.