Art Currency. A New Approach

Art Currency. A New Approach


We exchange money for something everyday. Most people are so familliar with it that they don’t notice nothing about it, except it’s value. Actually, most of the people don’t see paper money anymore. They just carry plastic cards and buy stuff with it.

One of the most influential lithuanian philosopher Vydunas believed that everyone has to understand that inside every person resides a great potential.
Some people asked why his eyes are hidden in this series of illustrations. The answer is based on the same philosophy. Vydunas wasn’t born with it as well. He adopted it during his lifetime. Every person has to look inside himself before they start looking to others. Person who doesn’t know real himself, can’t know the rest of the world. Sometimes hidden eyes can say more than eyes wide open.

Every person who ever been in Lithuania and holded 200Lt paper bill with the face of Vydunas in their hands had an eye contact with him. But what they remember from it?


Brothers Smiles, creators of the “Art Currency” project, is a fresh illustration studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Past few years they have been living in different places in Europe, America and Asia, finding new inspirations by cultural differences which now they started to present through current works. The reason that Brother Smiles started to produce their work was a vast ocean of non-realistic vectorized graphic work around us. You probably know that in the nearest future there will be programs which will create random vector graphics without any designer help. Through their works they want to present that there is another option. The real textures, colors and ideas which won’t be substituted. And in this case it doesn’t matter how fast the technology changes.

Their latest project “Chaotic Notes” born from their love to music. Take a look at the project below or view more at: