Art Inspires Art by Alexandre Mokhov

Art Inspires Art by Alexandre Mokhov

Isn’t magical how the visual arts encounter the art of literature? When an art form intersects with another and the words become colors and colors jump from the paper to be transformed into another fantasy world?
Here is a wonderful example of this. A magical illustration by, Russian illustrator, Alexandre Mokhov. Alexandre’s drawing is an inspiration that was drawn from the fantasy stories of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, The Last Wish and more particular the chapter ‘A Grain Of Truth’.

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‘.. She was a jolly girl, I tell you. Do you know what she thought up? We’d both frighten unwanted guests. Imagine: a guest like that enters the courtyard, looks around, and then, with a roar, I charge at him on all fours with Fenne, completely naked, sitting on my back and blowing my grandfather’s hunting horn!’ Andrzej Sapkowski ‘A Grain Of Truth ‘