Atmospheric Book Cover Illustrations | Inspirational Portfolio [57]

Atmospheric Book Cover Illustrations | Inspirational Portfolio [57]


When I first visited the I was astonished by the wonderful ideas and excellent executions! is the home of Portuguese visual artist and Art Director Nuno Moreira, who is also an amazing photographer, and collage illustrator (featured recently at graphicart-news). A truly multi talented artist! Nuno offers creative services in Book Publishing, Editorial Design, Illustration and Photography, based in Tokyo and with 7 years experience within the publishing and design industries. His work emphasizes detail to color and rich texture, bringing to each project a particular atmosphere.

Nuno Moreira’s influences are diverse and come from different areas of personal interest such as cinema, music, painting or architecture. Through his work he uses different materials (manually or digitally executed) allowing room for plenty of experimentation and trying different methods. As Nuno says, “this approach enables me to keep the creative process of book design open for new gaps of meaning and exciting results.”

Here I chose to share with you only some of Nuno Moreira’s book covers. You can see more at his website: