Atmospheric Illustrations by Coen Hamelink

Atmospheric Illustrations by Coen Hamelink

Coen Hamelink works as a freelance illustrator & graphic designer from his studio in this wonderful old building at Duin en Bosch, Oude Parklaan 111-119, Castricum, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since 2004. 
His art works are described as authentic, colorful, atmospheric, concise and completed with small, funny details. His graphic designs are always to the point. He loves to work for both children and adults.

Coen grew up close to the beaches in Zeeland, the south of Holland. 
Since he was a little boy he has drawn, acted all kinds of different theatrical characters and played the trumpet. Up to this day.

Coen is always creating new ideas and concepts, associating and connecting dots and thoughts, playing around and trying out new things. Regularly, he throws himself into the deep to find fresh inspiration and to face a new challenge he can learn from.
Whatever he creates, he wants to put in all his heart: 
’Art & design need to have a living soul that inspires people, touches their heart and maybe even gets them closer to who they really are’.

Some interesting highlights in his career:
• Three works published in the book ‘200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 09/10′ by Luerzer’s Archive, July 2009.
• London Showcase 100 illustration exhibition 2014/2015
• New York 3×3 Magazine International picture book show, published worldwide late 2014/2015
• London Book Fair International Excellence Award 2014/2015 for project Bingel 2.0
• International Educational Learning Resources Award 2014/2015 for project Bingel 2.0

Check out Coen’s Hamelink website :

Coen Hamelink 01_DutchHeroes

Coen Hamelink 02_DutchHeroes

Coen Hamelink 03_Moose

Coen Hamelink 04_IcarusWannabe

Coen Hamelink 05_VikingsinScotland

CCoen Hamelink 06_Elephant

Coen Hamelink DePoortvanHeinde_cover_v1.indd

Coen Hamelink 08_TheGardensOfYonder

Coen Hamelink 09_TheGardensOfYonder

Coen Hamelink 10_TheGardensOfYonder

Coen Hamelink 11_TheGardensOfYonder

Coen Hamelink

Coen Hamelink

Coen Hamelink

Coen Hamelink

Coen Hamelink Drukwerk

Coen Hamelink 17_Elephant

Coen Hamelink 18_Elephant

Coen Hamelink 19_Elephant

Coen Hamelink 20_TheatrePoster






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