Awesome Posters, Great Style… I like it !!!

Awesome Posters, Great Style… I like it !!!

Mark Brooks is a graphic designer and art director who has divided his career between New York and Barcelona (where he was born in 1974).
He has worked on a broad range of projects for diverse clients in both cities; from album covers, visual identities for venues and limited edition posters, to book covers, a clothing line which highlights exclusive t-shirt design, and many branding and corporate identity related projects.
He has also had the privilege of presenting at conferences and to have his poster designs in several exhibits. His work has been published in books and magazines and featured in many international design blogs and websites. Mark’s goal is to keep learning and growing up in the field of graphic design, to work on creative and challenging projects and to fully enjoy the process of visual communication.
Here, we distinguished some of the posters…

…and some of the editorial work