Barack Obama Inspires Artists

Barack Obama Inspires Artists


In 2008, artists from around the world expressed there political vision to see Obama elected by designing poster, drawing his face etc. The submission was huge and many blogs and websites were born to feed those works. One of them the “Design for Obama“. Today, four years later, artists still show their belief in his face. They have again the opportunity to prove that creative communities can produce work that can be affect the national dialogue and alter the course of history.

I picked from the “Design for Obama” but also the network and friends, some of the earlier designs, and some distinguished from the past, those that inspired me most. Enjoy!


Charis Tsevis


Bruce Silva


Roberian Borges


Dimitra Tzanos


Nearchos Ntaskas


Michael Thompson


Jerry Leibowitz


James Nesbitt


Jackson R.


Ioannis Fetanis