Beware of False Prophets & Creative Cards Backside | Two wonderful projects by Giga Kobidze!


Giga Kobidze – a young illustrator and graphic designer living the dream and passion in Tbilisi, Georgia. Working on various projects all around the world. Inspired by a myriad of inputs.The most important inspiration comes from all the processes surrounding me. Visualizing life, people, circumstances and memories.I firmly believe that a project doesn’t stand a chance without a solid concept behind it.


Beware of False Prophets

A mixture, focusing on 4 elements of life, at front, you can say this is biblical, although the original story has been pulled from sacred geometry (the angel’s angle), more specific the seed/tree/flower of life. “This is reflected in people all of humanity, where real identity is lost Deliberately or not. “This development reflects the decades of these processes subsequently building and destroying beings. In fact, some people and personalities, on the other hand a group of… Seeking to form a consciousness & angle awareness, the angels can reap field study benefits of truth – while the FALSE are trapped in finite coordinates due to the nature of all spacial relationships.



Creative Cards – Backside

54 creatives were invited to choose one playing card each, then make an image in their own unique style to go onto that card. The results are spectacular.

“Creative Cards is sophisticated, funny, rich and just plain gorgeous. I’ve collected artist decks for decades, and this is a stunner!” ~ Tim Johnson, DreamWorks Animation


This one is the design that Giga Kobidze created for the Creative Cards project!

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