C-IDEA Design Award 2019 | Call for Entries

C-IDEA Design Award 2019 | Call for Entries

C -IDEA DESIGN AWARD 2019 is the non-profile international student competition, it will collect the student works from all around the world in different design categories. This year C -IDEA DESIGN AWARD join forces with TAIWAN CREATIVE STAR DESIGN AWARD, and is looking for young potential designers and creative design works.

9th Taiwan Creative Star
Taiwan Creative Star Competition is sponsored by the Taiwan Kaohsiung Creators Association, it has successfully held eight sessions since 1997.
This year’s 9th Taiwan Creative Star Award in company with the 2019 C-IDEA Design Award to discover more potential design stars and enhance the creativity and ability of the new generation of visual design. Expanding international exchange and interaction of young design talents, providing students with a stage to show their design strength.

The Theme of the C-IDEA Design Award 2019

A:Smart Life
We have entered the era of wisdom, our life is becoming more and more intelligent. Unconsciously, we have passed the
era of smart 3G from the previous 2G to 4G, and 5G will be formally popularized in the near future. Facing the more intelligent
life in the future, what can we do as designers and what should we think about?
We are looking forward to the interpretation of young designers who are from different design fields.

B: Free Topic
Any unpublished design works can take part in the competition as free topic works, which are created in at least one year.

Deadline for submissions: 29, February 2020

Website: http://c-ideaaward.simplesite.com/


Categories of Entries
Visual communication / Industrial Design / Fashion Design / Architecture and Landscape / Video and Animation / Intelligent interaction

Submission of works
Submit creative works by mail, and note “C-IDEA Design Award 2019” on the title of the mail and write down contact information so as to notify after winning awards.
Please send your works of“ A:Smart Life” to [email protected]
Please send your works of“ B: Free Topic” to [email protected]

Submission requirements: We only accept electronic files. The works‘ picture should be: 150dpi / RGB / JPEG / A4, less than 5M

International Committee
Russia Designers Association \ Association of Hungarian Fine And Applied Artists \ Visual Information Design Association
of Korea \ Hungarian Poster Association \ CoL•Legi oficial Disseny Grafic cataluny \ Retroavangarda Gallery in
Warsaw, Poland \ Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK) \ Beijing Design Society \ Taiwan Kaohsiung Creators
Association \ Macau Designers Association

International Jury Team

C -IDEA DESIGN AWARD 2019 Intl. Jury Team