Ziko: The Cutest Munky!

  Ziko is The African MunkyBum created as a mascot for Kozi’s African Restaurant in Athens. He’s a cheeky, tubby little bugger but always smiling and ready and willing to please. Ziko’s wonderful...
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Unlikely Opponents

  Danilo Agutoli designed a series of original and fresh illustrations of well-known characters. He combined superheroes, characters from movies and famous historical figures, and created the Unlikely Opponents. Danilo putting them against one another in a very uncommon way.   Danilo...
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Amazing Snowboard Designs

  ENDVR III Set of 5 Guerilla Series snowboard designs. Illustrations inspired by pop culture imagery ranging from Manga and comic books to cartoon characters and art. Made with vectors, pencil, pen, marker, watercolor...
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