Collages Looking For a Project …

Collages Looking For a Project …


Nuno Moreira is a visual artist and art director from Portugal, based now in Tokyo. He is working mainly with book covers and editorial design as well as photography. Nuno gives focus to detail, color and texture, bringing to each project a particular atmosphere. His influences are diverse and come from different areas such as cinema, music, painting or architecture.
Through his work he uses different materials (manually executed or digital) allowing room for experimentation and trying different methods. This approach enables him to keep the creative process of book design open for new gaps of meaning.

Collages looking for a project” is the parallel work. To get away from the computer and practice divergent thinking Nuno started dedicating time to collages assembling scraps from old magazines, ads dropped on the postbox or whatever comes in his way. Most of the times the method is plain scissor and glue, other times simple photoshop montage to blend images together and create strange visual juxtapositions. These collages are all original artworks looking for a space to be used in a record cover, book cover, poster, magazine or to someone just interested in a big exclusive print. One of these collages was recently used by as a background so if you’re an author or musician and you like Nuno’s work get in touch via email for assignments: [email protected]




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