COLORS 86: Making the News

COLORS 86: Making the News


COLORS 86: Making the News
News is something somebody doesn’t want printed. All else is advertising.

In 2011, news of Osama bin Laden’s assassination was broken by a Pakistani IT consultant’s tweet. The next year, a computer algorithm composed nearly 400,000 articles on Little League baseball for small-town newspapers across the United States. Now, print journalism has been declared America’s fastest-shrinking industry, but across Africa, newspaper circulation has risen by more than 30 percent. COLORS 86: Making the News reveals the backstage of contemporary journalism: With stories on drone-wielding paparazzi, terrorist press releases and anti-mafia vigilante television anchors – “Making the News” explores how world events are selected, shaped, and sent to you in time for breakfast.


ISSN (Australia/New Zealand/UK Edition): 2227-2992
ISSN (Hong Kong/Taiwan/China Edition): 2227-2984
Size: 228mm(w) x 287mm(h)
Pages: 104pages
8-page tabloid included

COLORS is a magazine about the rest of the world; distributed quarterly in more than 40 countries worldwide. COLORS is a timeless collectable magazine for multiple readers. It is a magazine that celebrates diversity and racial harmony. Since its first appearance in 1991, COLORS has reinvented journalism.

Stating from #83, IdN is co-publishing COLORS with Fabrica, launching an English/Chinese bilingual edition for Hong Kong, China & Taiwan; as well as an English/Italian edition for Australia, New Zealand and the UK!

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