Contemporary Murals & Geometrics

Contemporary Murals & Geometrics

DAAS is a Japan based American contemporary artist, widely known for his bold, colorful, geometric paintings and murals. Drawing inspiration from the interplay between chaos and control, he synthesizes line, geometric shapes, rich textures and vivid colors to produce work that uses both representational and abstract elements to create recognizable forms such as humans, animals and insects.


WM800px-DAAS-Who-is-wearing-the-mask-MURAL-Amemura-2014-2-3wm800px-DAAS-geoTiger  wm800px-DAAS-I only have eyes for you-1-5 wm800px-DAAS-OWL22 Daas working on the Red Panda mural in Kathmandu, nepal 2013

Daas working on the Red Panda mural in Kathmandu, nepal 2013

WM-800px-DAAS-ground-shot-complete-kolor-kathmandu-elephant-daas-1-11wm800px-DAAS-Petite-Matador  wm800px-DAAS-what-if-6-turned-out-to-be-9

Daas painting in the elephant at Shikshantar School in Kathmandu

WM-800px-Kolor Kathmandu DAAS with students in front of Elephant mural at shikshantar school in Kathmandu Photo by Suraj Ratna Shakya

Daas in front of the Elephant mural at Shikshantar School in KatWM-800px-dpi-panther-1  Look into the light

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