Donut Doubles

Donut Doubles

The Marlin Network, commissioned Brandon Voges and his team to put together a fun teaser/invite for their yearly breakfast event at an annual industry food show. It’s been a blast in years past, doing Breakfast Interrupted and Breakfast Burlesque (both below).  This year, Brandon Voges teamed up with Strange Donuts and shot portraits as Donut Doubles.
Below are the images along with a motion piece they did.

Donut Doubles-by-Brandon-Voges-01

Donut Doubles-by-Brandon-Voges-02

Donut Doubles-by-Brandon-Voges-03

Donut Doubles-by-Brandon-Voges-04

Donut Doubles-by-Brandon-Voges-05

Donut Doubles-by-Brandon-Voges-06



They also did a little video with some motion graphics and parallax action with the photos. One member of the team, Casey Latiolais made a little tutorial.


And below are a few of the videos they’ve done in the past for the same event.

Breakfast Interrupted

Breakfast and Burlesque