Drawings provoked by dreams to form another dream…

Drawings provoked by dreams to form another dream…

Nikita Kaun is a self taught artist, based out of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He worked with Dillinger Escape Plan, Russian Circles, Brunt, Japanther, Sourvein, Being As An Ocean, Valkyrie, Union Skateboards, ROME Snowboards, Gauntlet Gallery, Metro Orange Art Gallery, dzxtinktoriginals, Hero Complex Gallery, Galerie F.

His work has been discribed as “a mixture of predominantly black and white realistically rendered forms falling into a dreamlike darkness with minimal pops of color,” by Juxtapoz.
Parallel Planets said that ”…Nikita’s works are almost hypnotic, if only for their surrealism. Looking at his illustrations is like peeking into a dream right as the dream-image begins to morph into its still-shapeless reiteration…” While thechromaticwatch.com wrote ”Gruing gothic, gorgeously occult, lines heavy, feeling worn; color limited and bracing when employed, Nikita Kaun’s grainy darks break to soft spells that seem to promise a new and special kind of light.”

Nikita’s images expand beyond realism into surrealism, drawings seemed were provoked by dreams, or emerged from a subconscious to form another dream…

Nikita’s works have been featured in JUXTAPOZ, Supersonic Art, Ink and Arrows Magazine, EvilTender and Design Collector (the Best Russian Projects and Best Illustrators).


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