EAT! Design with Food

EAT! Design with Food


The “most delicious” design publication of 2012 celebrates design and art for, and from, what is edible. “EAT! Design with Food !” serves week by week inspiration in the form of delicious designs to whet your appetite; with 54 designers, artists and architects illuminating visual trends and special designs from the area of food, drink and nutrition.

Eating is a cultural asset that reflects the spirit and lifestyle of a society, so there is great aesthetic interest in the preparation, display and marketing of food. Reason enough to feature this subject in the 6th edition of the EIGA trend diary series.

The design calendar documents the exciting results of creative work which, in turn, influences food culture. Be it product, graphics or interior design, an architectural project or fine art. This collection of pieces tells us about contemporary projects and provides plenty of inspiration and ideas; with all sorts of culinary art installations and happenings, smart products, special food photography, brand design and graphics to do with food culture.

Following the trend in the much appreciated and multiple-awarded issues from the EIGA trend research series – DesignerHeads (2007), DesignerTreasures (2008), Desi- gnerTravels (2009), Think Green! Design To Save The World (2010), Play! Design For Kids (2011) – an individually designed, experimental typography also plays a central role in this project.

EAT! Design with Food !” was initiated by EIGA, the Hamburg-based design office, and published by NBVD. The production was supported by well-known partners in fine paper, printing and print finishing.






Image Courtesy of Kyle Bean, EIGA Design