Every time I see Helvetica I say, Thank You Massimo Vignelli!

Every time I see Helvetica I say, Thank You Massimo Vignelli!

Massimo: People ask me that very often: What is the difference between art and design? I say design is utilitarian; art is useful and non-utilitarian. Design is utilitarian, but sometimes it is not even useful. So in design, the more you go towards art, the less it is designing. In art, the more you work to do a design, the less art it is. (source)

It was a big disappointment when I heard that Massimo Vignelli continued his life’s journey to another dimension …The Italian designer who’s works was devoted to create beautiful, consistent and timeless pieces of communication. His ethos was, “If you can design one thing, you can design everything.” This was reflected in the broad range of his work, from package design through houseware design and furniture design to public signage and showroom design. Along with his wife Lella he co-founded the Vignelli Associates and proved that two talents could not only co-exist but thrive.
In 1966 Massimo moved from Milano to New York because he wanted to expand his wings and as he told Letizia Airos from the i-Italy magazine, in one of their interviews, Milano’s ceiling was too small for him, while New York had none!
Massimo has always been an inspiration for countless designers, a true legend in the design industry. His love of design is seeing in every form of his life. His moves, his words, his writing, speaks design. He will continue to live amongst us…
“When the artist died, we buried him. That is why when you walk across these fields you see flowers.” ~ Said Michael Iva, of his old friend the late and great designer Massimo Vignelli, Jan 10 1931 — May 27 2014…

massimo-vignelli and his wife Lella photo copyright John Madere

Photo Credit: John Madere

massimo-vignelli photo copyright John Madere

Photo Credit: John Madere




16subway-design by massimo vignelli

AA by Massimo Vignelli