Francis Bacon | Five Decades of Controversial and Unforgettable Paintings

Francis Bacon | Five Decades of Controversial and Unforgettable Paintings

Art is almost like a long affair with objects and images and sensations, and what you can call the passions – Francis Bacon

His images arrive straight through the nervous system and hijack the soul
The Times, UK

Francis Bacon A painter with bold, strong paintings, a figure of the 20th century that reflects into his art the human soul. Francis is organizing the first exhibition in Australia with rare works covering 5 decades of his career, starting from the dramatic works of 1940. They are coming from 37 collections including the Tate London, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
For a more comprehensive insight into this amazing artist, the exhibition presents a wealth of archival material from his chaotic studio in Londino. Take a look at the video following to get a taste of what will shock, will provoke, will transform your soul, and your mind will admire.

Part of the Sydney International Art Series, bringing the world’s most outstanding exhibitions to Australia.



Francis Bacon’s aim was to make a viewer come face to face with the process of looking at and interpreting art.
What he wanted – and what he makes possible – is for each individual to experience a personal, and usually very physical, response to the painting, where their own feelings override any attempt to interpret what Bacon himself was thinking or feeling.
Bacon didn’t intend his painting to be narrative or illustrative or psychoanalytical or autobiographical. He was about sensation. That was the reason he gave for fragmenting and distorting the body in the way that he did.
The figures in Bacon’s paintings aren’t characters in a story; they are the body as a material fact. Yet there is a strong connection between the imagery in Bacon’s work and the circumstances of his life, including the influence of his close friends and five long-term lovers.