From India an Infographics Designer

From India an Infographics Designer


Ankit Pandey, is a 25 years old designer from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) working now at the National Team of Hindustan Media Ventures Limited, in New Delhi. Ankit is working more in infographics. When we asked him why he prefers to express his design love with infographics, he said: “My favorite field is inforgraphics because of its power to express the story in elaborated manner without creating any confusion.
Infographics is the best way to make the readers understand the news story. Though it has many details but it describes the story in a much simpler and elaborated way than words”. Ankit Pandey has done his B.E in Electronic and Communication from Jawaharlal Institute of Technology and Management, Madhya Pradesh but soon after his graduation he enrolled in the course of Graphic Design.
Talking about his plans for the future, Ankit says, “In future I see myself as one of the best artists of my league. My art gives me mental satisfaction and I would be extremely happy to learn other aspects of it. I dream to work with renowned artist and develop a different style of my own. I hope that I may be able to give something to the art some day, as it has given me what I am today”.
We only wish you the best Ankit and your dreams to come true!

Let’s take a look at his work and share his dream!





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