Gorgan Plus Graphic Designers First Meeting in Iran

Gorgan Plus Graphic Designers First Meeting in Iran

Gorgan Plus Graphic Art Group is a non-profit non-governmental art group, seeking anything discoverable in the field of design based on Gorgan / Iran since 2014. The main aim of the group is to improve their knowledge through the study and new experiences in the field of design and also improve their City’s visual culture. Since unfortunately in Iran everything including all of the important exhibitions, biennials etc. is centralized in Tehran, one of Gorgan+Graphic Art Group’s activities will be to invite well-known Iranian designers to come to their city to lecture and have workshops in order to give a chance to the students, researches, designers and other enthusiasts of  graphic design to improve their design cultures through a series of meetings named Gorgan Plus Graphic Designers.

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Gorgan+Graphic First Meeting_Poster by Saleh Zanganeh
Poster by Saleh Zanganeh


Gorgan Plus Graphic Designers announce their First Meeting

Invited Designer: Behrad Javanbakht
And Shahab Ashtari (Rangmagazine Director) as the Interviewer
Nov. 27, 2015 | 15:00 to 17:00 p.m
Cinema Capri | Gorgan | Iran

Short About Behrad Javanbakht

Graphic Designer | Member of Iranian Graphic Designer’s Society [IGDS]
Born in Tehran | Iran | 1976
B.A. in Graphic | Azad Art and Architecture University | 2001
Member of “Chargoosh” Graphic Group
Freelance Graphic Designer | Art Director of Media Design Consultant Co.
Editor in chief of “Rang” e-magazine since 2008
Graphic design teaching at “Vije” School of Visual Communications since 2008
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