I love these ties! Great Advertising Ideas!

I love these ties! Great Advertising Ideas!


“The knot, hinge and focal point of the tie, derives from a personal creation, a daily gesture that, even though performed following a precise scheme, gives origin to a tie, anytime unique but identical to itself”.  This is what Foolbite  must had in mind when they chose to give new identity to ties. Made them look sweet, delicious, refreshing, lovable, romantic, transforming them to everyday objects, giving origin to each tie. Their client was one of the greatest tie-factory in Italy, “Marinella


Foolbite  began as a communications agency to offer companies the link between the product and the customer.

The creativity of Foolbite is the result of experience and expertise of three industry professionals, whose cohesion can develop projects ranging from corporate identity to advertising, from visual to web design, adopting the technologies, tools and methods best suited to different needs of communication.

Foolbite name is an homage to Steve Jobs and his famous exhortation, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”