Great Posters on AUTISM ! A ‘walking’ exhibition

Great Posters on AUTISM ! A ‘walking’ exhibition


DIVERSAMENTE ONLUS launched the first edition of  FaceBook Poster Contest _ Autism.
The contest aim to raise awareness on autism issues and underline positive sides of diversity.
The Poster Design Contest Autism Group on Facebook reached 790 members, and jury received more than 200 posters. The contest, which closed on midnight March the 31th, 2009, aimed to improve social communication and was not lucrative. For this reason, there were no monetary prizes, but “Diversamente onlus” gave a gold, three silver and a bronze medals to the winners.
Finally, at the beginning of September, the catalogues and the medals are printed and ready to be sent .

Poster Design Contest AUTISM became a “walking”exhibition:
The first exhibition took place in Murcia, at the Escuela de Arte Y Superior de Diseno, from 22 September to 9 October. The second in Barcelona, third in Sevilla, 4th in Jerez de La Frontera, at the local Escuela de Arte de Jerez. And now in in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on 14th of April 2011.

The winners were: 

Designer: Gianluca CANNIZZO
(1st prize, gold medal “Diversamente NGO”)


Designer: Andrew LEWIS, (2nd prize, silver medal)

Designer: Sergi RUCABADO, (2nd prize, silver medal)

Designer: Letizia GUAGNINI, (2nd prize, silver medal)

Designer: Letizia GUAGNINI, (3rd prize, bronze medal)



The Jury also mentioned:

Designer: Danyal FALLAH
(for his originality, creativity and skills
using visual communication to convey emotions)



The NGO Diversamente mentioned:


Designer: Mattia MORESCHI

(for the strong emotions evoked in the members of NGO)



The others in the top-list:


Designer: Gabriel Rivera


Designer: Pietro Paciullo

Designer: David Criado

Designer: Kianoosh Gerami

Designer: Andrea Ferrando


Designer: Mehdi Pourian