Hong-Kong Street Photography by Timothy Cheng

Hong-Kong Street Photography by Timothy Cheng


Timothy Cheng, since 2000 upon his return from Toronto, he began his advertising career in Hong Kong, now as an Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather HK.

Within these past 10 years, Tim has not just created great concept, art and design from his day to day duties but also drove him to winning industry recognized awards. He has also joined young and passionate photographers in co-founding great photos and art for Photo Now, in contribution to local art and design for Hong Kong.


Hong Kong based Timothy Cheng almost never leaves the house without his GRD camera. The Chinese city is renowned for its expensive skyline and a population of seven million people. This fact makes Hong Kong one of the most densely populated areas in the world. For street photographers it must feel like paradise on earth.

“Every day, I like to look out at what is happening around me. Strangers usually inspire me a lot; I like to walk slow to pay attention to what they are doing. Every time I review my photos, I may have different inspiration. I started to use my GR Digital to record all of them, to capture their decisive moment.”
“I like to candidly capture those moments; I really feel honesty in the picture. I can see the dark side of the happiness or a happy moment that actually is not that enjoyable.”

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