How much does an hour of your time costs? Being creative using the euro currency!

How much does an hour of your time costs? Being creative using the euro currency!


Collettivo Latrones  in trying to show us the value of time, used as a basis, what people perceive as “value. Money. We have all noticed that over the euro are designed bridges. Those bridges could be a perfect metaphor of time connected with life, its worth in daily routine and even more, in the universe. Read what they say and watch carefully the currencies below.

How much does an hour of your time costs?. One of those hours that make up your life, yes, how much does it cost? Did you ever wondered?
“Time is money”?
Try to translate life into money, a second, a minute, how much is a year old?
A valuable resource becomes available, at least, as is rare. What’s rarer than an hour of your time.
So what it’s worth!

Sometimes, time is still property, in other words too abundant, sometimes rapid, fleeting, rare. Fortunately we do not know, except in rare cases and sad, because we still have to live, and most often we behave as if this life had not run. Hooking up the little things, concentrate and watch the ‘asphalt under our feet we lose sight of the landscape.
For Karl Marx the value of an object is measured by the time it takes to produce it. The production of an object is the extraordinary events that turns the life time in the field.

This assumes a value, therefore, as a translator of life time. The money, practical means of exchange, barter replaced the rather awkward and complex, comes to define more precisely the value of an object. In this way we come to translate the time of life, in monetary value.
Result of all the ‘equation: Life Time = amount of money.

In many early civilizations, in fact, theft is a crime that is paid by death. This is because stealing an object, an artifact, this equals the second ‘optical stealing time.
Lifetime, and therefore, life itself.

All this is inevitable, it is life. Just remember the next time you touch a note, the next time the trade for something material, remember that the time spent is a certificate, a certificate of past life. We are always looking for pleasure, it is normal, it is human. But sometimes I think it’s important to look up and feel small, petty, and passengers.



Who’s Collettivo Latrones?

Since February 2010, the Collettivo Latrones assembles together graphic designers, photographers and narrators born in South Italy – almost Caserta and Naples -. The Collettivo deals about social thematics and tries to represent the whole area of a province in South Italy’s difficult reality – that is just the paradigm of the state of decay of the entire country –. The Collettivo is doing it focusing on a direct and immediate visual communication. The objective is disseminating knowledge to raise awareness.