Ilustrator Iván Bravo | Inspirational Portfolio [41]

Ilustrator Iván Bravo | Inspirational Portfolio [41]


Visual language is Ivan’s Bravo favorite form of expression. He likes to think that a drawing multiplies the possibilities of the reality we find ourselves in, adding new or contrasting features. He is totally convinced that everything communicates, especially the little details: they can hold a message and make it louder, but if we don’t pay attention to them we can have the reverse effect.

I believe that each format can coexist in a unique and intimate way with the image that inhabits in it”.

Iván Bravo (Barcelona, 1983) is a compulsive reader of comic books: the more he grows, the more he reads. When he was 1.72 meters high he studied graphic design at Elisava for four years. He discovers the pleasure of wandering the streets with an A3 folder under his arm, and he starts working as a freelance illustrator in 2006. He likes to walk the line between concept and humour.