Industrial Archaeology | Photo Contest by EXAREA

Industrial Archaeology | Photo Contest by EXAREA


EXAREA project was founded by the “Feudo Ron Alfrè” Cultural Associaton in the town of Bellizzi in province of Salerno in 2010. The initial idea was to organize a photo contest dedicated to the industrial archaeology. The photography is the main tool for observing the change in our urban areas and brownfield sities over time. It’s also a vehicle of research to examine a sensitive topic such as the conversion of industrial former areas and disuse generally. Open to all Italian and foreign photographers resident in Italy the first two editions of EXAREA saw the participation of 350 photographers from all over Italy who sent more than 1500 photos! Below you can see the winners of 2011 and 2012 contests .

A success from every point of a view. Beginning from 2013, EXAREA becomes an international photo contest open to all EU citizens who have reached the age of majority. The EXAREA theme regard industrial archaeology and brownfield and abandoned sites (not only industrial). This edition will also admitted photographic projects relating to the redevelopment of deformer areas and industrial landscape. The contest is articulated in an unique section BW/COLOR called portfolio: each autor can participate with a photographic project composed of 4 to 8 photos.

The deadline for the submission of project is September, 20 2013.

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Winner 2011

Massimiliano Cilli from Rome


Winner 2012

Tommaso Parrillo from Gioi Cilento (SA)