Inspiring Artworks for the 4nd Persian Gulf Poster Festival

Inspiring Artworks for the 4nd Persian Gulf Poster Festival


On 30th April 2006, “National Geography” magazine, published a map with distortion that wrote the spurious name “Arabic Gulf” instead of “Persian Gulf”. Of course the magazine was apologized to Iranians for this contempt, but according to that, April 30th was registered  by Iranians to their calendar as the date of “National Persian Gulf”. Many of Persian graphic designers design posters for this day, every year.
Posters that follow were designed under the supervision the Mohammad Ardalani three-day workshops in Tehran IT Art and Cultural center. These works exhibited at different locations in IRAN.

4nd Persian Gulf Poster Festival (Design By Mohammad Ardalani)

Ahmad Derakhshandeh

Alireza Askarifar

Aslan Aslani

Bahar Irvani

Erfan Kamali

Hossein Abdi

Kimia Mirakhurli (Serial Poster)

Kourosh Sharif

Maryam Sarmi

Morteza Farahnak

Morteza Naderi

Siyavash Noorin

Somayeh Mehriz

Zahra Mohamadi (Serial Poster)

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  • Erfan

    “Persian gulf” is the name that remains from the oldest and the most documentary historical resources in the world.

  • Erfan

    Pages of history’s book
    confess that ,for A LONG TIME
    Iran has been the
    shore of Persian gulf.