Inspiring Food for Thought

Inspiring Food for Thought

Kostis Pavlou is a graphic designer based in Katerini, Greece. For many years he owned a satiristic blog, known in the field as dr.SeenG, where he commented on current events through photoshopped images, sometimes texts as well. An occupation that made him a favorite target of lawsuits…

What made Kostis Pavlou to focus on vintage images and digital collage?

“No matter how evolved and necessary technology gets and imposes new standards, it will never provide the “magic” of vintage. That sense of time travel, the elegance of Technicolor and black&white, that…undefined sweet innocence.
The technique of digital collage was always an interest of mine and gave me the possibility of experimenting with the combination of opposite objects such as a ship in the sky, a door on the surface of the sea and various other tricks only the so powerful expressionism can offer.
A very important role in my technical selections is owed to many of my influences, from the great painters of various artistic movements like Magritte, Dali, Picasso, Mondrian, up to the modern artists of digital collage and photography like Julien Pacaud, MiraRuido, Kacper Kiec, Storm Thogerson.”

His work is his personal need to express himseld and has not been published or used in any commercial projects, so far.
Kostis Pavlou describes his work as “Food for thought”. So, here is some food for you to think…

Or get some more at Kostis website here:

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