Israeli Designer Michal Sahar

Israeli Designer Michal Sahar


Michal Sahar was born in Israel and studied visual communication in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design where she is began teaching courses in design and typography since 2006 and is a part of the senior faculty.
Together with Danny Meirav she founded the Israeli type foundry “Hagilda” in which her Typefaces can be found still – and she released an open source typeface which is also part of “GoogleFonts” – the font is one of the most popular Webfonts seen in the Israeli websites.
She was part of “the league” graphic design and branding team which she founded alongside Koby Halevi in 2008 before opening her own studio “Michal Sahar Studio” in 2011.



She was the Head Graphic designer of Israel’s most popular weekend section of Yediot Aharonot (“Latest News”) Newspaper between 2005-2006, and lead the Bezalel Year End graduate show in 2012 to win the ADC award for her branding work.
She also was part of the ID top40 Design Groups of 2007, Israeli Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports Awards winner in Design category for 2004 and was listed as part of Phaidon Publication Top100 leading Designers of the world.

Between her Clients today are all Israeli leading art Museums – Jerusalem, Herzliya, Haifa and Petah-Tikva, and is the Main Graphic Designer and rebrander of Tel Aviv Museum of Art to which she redesigned the logo and created a specifically crafted Typeface participating in this years D&AD Competition.

Her distinct style uses Typography, Pantone-bright and vivid colours and innovative design, blending the cultural arts world with a whimsical and hip fresh youthfulness.
Her fonts are some of the most popular fonts in Israel, Namely Font #37, South and Arbel (bilingual font) and is a favourite pick amongst Israeli designers who wish for boutique-style masterfully crafted fonts, both for print and offline.

She Lives with her spouse and sone in Tel-Aviv where her studio is also located and was lately named one of TimeOut TLV Magazine’s “inspirational people”.

Below you can see a small collection of Michal’s designs.

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