Kirtimukhas | New series of handmade drawings

Kirtimukhas | New series of handmade drawings


KIRTIMUKHAS is a graphic reflexion over self-created rituals and simulated heritages. The art show questions self-defined identities by exploring the pre-Indo European practice of wearing masks for practical and ceremonial purposes.
THIS SERIES OF NEW AND EXCLUSIVE ARTWORKS has been hand-drawn with premium alcohol-based sketch markers on fine art paper.

THE SOLO EXHIBITION solo exhibition is part of a larger saga the artist develops throughout his various art projects.

The artworks will be presented at Miscelanea in Barcelona, Spain in October 2013.

Medium used: Hand-drawn with sketch markers on Canson 160g acid free art paper.
Email [email protected] for more informations and access to hi res images of the artworks.
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MEGA IS AN INTERNATIONAL ARTIST who has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions around the world (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Germany, etc.).
Since the early 2000’s, he also works as an acclaimed art director for several lifestyle magazines in both Europe and Australia.
His distinctive style is a combination of sleek lines and tribal influences. In Mega’s works, the best of contemporary urban cultures meets age-old traditions and philosophies.

“COMBINING PERFECTLY CLEAN LINES AND SPECTACULAR DEEP COLOURS with a close attention to detail; masked warriors, savage girls, innovative typography, iconic objects, swarming insects and other wild creatures emerge straight from Mega mental and physical universe.”
by Ofive TV

“MEGA IS LIKE A SPA HOLIDAY – his work is the antithesis of low-key and moody, and the best antonyms to describe him are thus ‘unlow-key’ and ‘unmoody’. Mega draws bold, bright artworks filled with characters coloured so vibrant they hum; hyper-fun hippity-hoppity street scenes; clickity pop-culture soups. And like the best soups, his linework is thick and meaty – you’ll need a fork, not a straw, to chew it up. Like that big beefhead in that one Campbell’s Chunky commercial.”
by Arthive