Listening to Posters!

Listening to Posters!


Kiryk Drewinski design record sleeves & posters for many bands and music labels. Since the very beginning of his graphical work, music was a strong influence for all his doing. Not only because he is a musician himself but also because he sees many parallels between art and music, especially between pop music and the poppy aspect of graphic design that he is into quite much. To Kiryk, listening to a song with it’s catchy melody or the admiring of a well made composition are pretty similar to watching a beautiful graphical shape or being hit by a good visual concept/idea.

With his works Kiryk Drewinski is trying to connect those two worlds translating the joy of music into something for the eyes.


Kiryk Drewinski was born in Poznan, Poland in 1978 and immigrates with his family to West Berlin in 1985 who were to escape from communist regime.
In the early 90s Kiryk becomes a musician and soon starts designing posters for the bands he is playing with like Strawfever or Liquid Visions.


Some time later he also gets into designing posters for other bands. On his posters you will find names like: The Electric Prunes, The Seeds (with Sky Saxon), The Pretty Things, Brian Auger, Baby Woodrose, Sun Dial, Bevis Frond, The Fuzztones, DeWolff and many others.
At the end of the 90s Kiryk starts designing LP and CD sleeves, logos, t-shirts, stickers for musicians and labels all over the world. Today He is designing nearly everything that has to do with music promotion but also other stuff like all kinds of packaging for example.


His art is very much inspired by the mid- and late 60s posters of the psychedelic era. That is because Kiryk is a great lover of psychedelic rock music from that period. He just likes things that are “organic and hand made”, he explains. So a second huge source of inspiration comesfrom the art made around 1900 like the natural shapes of Art Nouveau etc.

Till today Kiryk’s work became a remarkable part of Berlin’s streetscapeand music scene.
Currently he is working more than ever. Besides that he’s a member of the rock group The Magnificent Brotherhood.



Some of his cd cover designs