Little people  living in a Spectacular World of Food | Photography

Little people living in a Spectacular World of Food | Photography


Akiko Ida is Japanese and Pierre Javelle is French. They met studying photography at the Paris “Arts Decoratifs” art school and they established the Minimiam studio. They use food objects and their little people to create the beautiful world of food.

Akiko Ida, has always been attracted to the world of gastronomy. As a child, she elaborated and baked different sorts of bread which she subsequently photographed and classified in a notebook. At the same time, she invented tiny characters that filled entire pages of her journal Akiko became a renowned Food Photographer, and has already taken part in more than 30 cookbooks.

Pierre Javelle hails from Burgundy. He grew up on a comics diet. Attracted by drawing, illustrations and photography, art school was his refuge. The likes of Doisneau and Cartier-Bresson were major influences in his choice of photography as a medium. His admiration of the work of Duane Michals and Francesca Woodman participated in the elaboration of Piere’s style.His pictures published in major gourmet magazines.and his still-life photos appear in corporate commercials.




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