Luis Pinto, a Freaky, Awesome Illustrator

Luis Pinto, a Freaky, Awesome Illustrator

Luis Pinto is a freaky graphic designer/illustrator from Mexico currently based in Guatemala. His work focuses on Illustration, Creative Thinking & Art Direction. He loves creating interesting projects that can bring something different from the point of visual communication experimenting with digital & traditional tools.
He has participated on several international exhibitions such as the 10th Pictoplasma Festival with the proyect “Character Selfies” (Berlin, Germany), his piece “The Feathered Serpent” for the Animal Collective “Species” Exhibition (New Delhi, India), his deck design “Nahual de los Sueños” for the “Blank! Exhibition” (San José, Costa Rica), his solo exhibition “Crazy Wild Creatures” (Vienna, Austria), between others.
See more of his work here:

beatles_day bright_magic_day french_mexican_poster

Artist Statement:

Most of my work focuses on my true passion: “Art & Illustration”.
As a graphic artist I get most of my work from personal sketches (I sketch a lot, I’ve a bunch of Moleskines in my studio). Basically I use traditional media such as markers, ink or pencils to start my creative process. When I´m happy with the main graphic ideas, I use digital tools most of the times to finish the process. I usually generate ideas from a concept. Making drafts & doodles are the best way to conceive that graphic magic.
“Carpe Diem” is a phrase that is present in everything I do, and it always makes me to put effort and passion on my work.
It is very important to say that every creation that I do come from my daily experiences (books, thoughts, people, history, design, drawings, a nice cup of coffee) to achieve an interesting graphic result.

nahual_de_los_sueños sw_1 sw_2 sw_3 the_feathered_serpent