The “Mirrors” Project

The “Mirrors” Project


Amazing project, of iPhone photography of buildings and objects, edited with various iPhone applications, by hellopanos. A different look at pictures everyday, in buildings that surround us.

An ongoing experimental project without specific outcome in mind; “Mirrors is trying to capture the reflected fragments of our urban landscape onto themselves. Mirrors produce results full of symbolic references, open up this landscape to a whole universe of discovering.”

Looking forward to see the evolution. You can follow the project at

Panos Papanagiotou, began his studies in Architecture and Interior Design while working in architectural offices in Greece and abroad. Through his collaboration with architects, he specialized in mapping and visualization of multidisciplinary planning and architectural projects and thus led to what instinctively hitherto practiced: graphic design. The graduation from the department of Graphic Arts & Design of Leeds Metropolitan University, marked his turning into graphic design projects including the art direction of OZON magazine, various corporate identities, posters and designs for portals and websites. In the last year he continues working on various personal projects as “Hellopanos” as well as being co-founder and art director of “thinking” (, specializing in digital publishing.